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Yeast, hop and malt from Germany or EU

Malt, yeast and hop (or hop extract) from Germany, France or Czech Republic are famous in the world and known for their excellent and stable quality and taste. We can deliver to you with freight insurance and export documents and you can brew with excellence raw materials a beer with excellent quality. Special our original bavarian yeast from “Weihenstephan” can improve the quality of your beer.

Stable quality of raw materials for good taste of beer

If your brewery or pub brewery is running you need excellent raw materials and equipment like bottles, beer glasses, cooling equipment as refrigerated cabinets…

Raw Material, Shop Equipment, Service

KEGs, Beer Bottles and Glasses from Germany or EU

Everyone knows that the degustation is affected by the design, so attractive glasses, bottles or KEGs are for best impression of your beer very important. We can supply best glasses, bottles or KEGs printed with your logo from German leading manufacturers. You can choose between many different types.

Excellent design and best quality

Cooling equipment: manufactured in our factory or from German/EU brand name companies

We can not only built cooling equipment for Breweries, we can deliver you refrigerators, freezers, blast freezers, cooling and freezing counters, beverage refrigeration, icemakters, refrigerated multi desk wall cabinets, cooling counters, cooling chests and islands, cooling display units and towers  and more for energy efficiency cooling and best presentation of your goods to customer.

Deep freezer and refrigerators for cooling and presentation of your goods

Hose for Beverage usage

Special rubber hose with premium quality for usage in breweries, distilleries or by winemaker. Usable for cleaning tasks or flexible filling tasks with mobile pumps. Best quality for long-time usage by contact with alcohol or cleaning solutions.

SVB-Lightfood / SVB-Vario Plus - the best choice for beverage hoses

Used Brewery Equipment from tanks to filters to filling lines

Most time used equipment is to buy because the seller needs a plant with more capacity. If the plant is regularly overhauled in good condition and if the dismantling is made by good specialists you can save much money with buying a used plant or used machines. Please tell us your demand and we check the market if is is available used.

High quality equipment is used and overhauled is recommend for best cost efficiency

Export of original goods from Germany or EU

Specially the health risk by baby milk and other products for babies and little childs intend us to export originally products for babies and little childs directly from Germany to our shop in Hanoi. This idea increases through customer requests and now we export originally equipment from vacuum cleaners to perfumes to induction  cooking plates and much more like customer requests from Germany to Vietnam. Thanks to all Chinese companies who have lost customer confidence because bad quality or selling fake products.

Send us your request and we tell you price and delivery conditions:

Reliable quality for carefree consumption without health risk

Websites and Facebook

If you like this website and need an own site or Facebook page we can make it for you.

Easy websites for customer-friendly price or website projects up to shops for selling goods. German, English and Vietnamese language possible. Our specialists have much experience and can make your website fast so don’t trouble about price to high ;-):


Send us your request and we tell you price and conditions:

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Cooling equipment for your pub, supermarket or shop

Especially by cooling equipment last years good progress are taken for loss energy consumption and modern design. First reduces your energy costs and second is good for more sales because good presentation of goods.

Send us your request and we tell you price and delivery conditions:

We are supplier from one of the best german manufacturer

yeast bottles used cooling hose